Orchid Watercolor Paintings Gallery

  Welcome to my Orchid Art Gallery. The paintings in this gallery represent my work with Orchids. 


Gallery Details

This group of paintings was created over a time period of 2 years (2011-2012). All the orchids are different and the greatest challenge was to create each of the backgrounds in different colors. Many artists' use dark hues so their flowers will seem to 'pop' from the background. It was my objective to use lighter colors to see if I could achieve the same effect. To my surprise, many of the colors required a variety of tints to make them special. At this time Orchid paintings numbers 1,2,4 and 9 have been sold, however all are available in different size giclees and as cards.


Orchid Art Gallery

Click on the photo to view the image, then click on the 'arrow' in the top right corner of the photo to view the full size image.

  • Orchid 01 Stem 30x24
  • Orchid 02 30x22
  • Orchid 03 30x22
  • Orchid 04 22x30
  • Orchid 05 22x30
  • Orchid 06 30x22
  • Orchid 07 22x30
  • Orchid 08 30x22
  • Orchid 09 30x22
  • Orchid 10 30x22
  • Orchid 11 29.5x22
  • Orchid 12 29.5x22

My Art Objectives

My challenge was to complete 12 large sheet (22x30 inch) orchid originals before the end of 2012. There were times when I was not sure that this could be done! I did it and I made cards which have been very well received.

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