What is a Giclee'?

"What is a Giclee"

Giclee is a process where a high resolution photograph is taken of the artwork. This photograph is matched carefully to approximate the color of the original painting. The artist and the printer work together to print a superior reproduction of the original artwork.


Not all "Giclees" are created equal. Be careful when purchasing a giclee print. Superior giclee prints are printed with professional printers that use archival ink or dyes. These inks or dyes are guaranteed as "museum quality" and will last for 100 years or more without fading. Also, the material used to print the giclee can be  watercolor paper, canvas, or other materials, It should be of high quality and 'acid free' or resistant to deterioration.


Sometimes, depending upon the material used, the final print is coated with a 'fixative' that gives an additional layer of protection to the artwork.

Today's printing methods makes it sometimes very hard to determine if the painting is a giclee print or an original print. Giclee's can be printed on canvas and other papers using museum quality inks and dyes. Even the thickness/thinness of the ink can be worked with to make the giclee look like the original. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to tell the difference.


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