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We are now halfway through another year, and it is time to add some thoughts to my blog. Lately, most of my art efforts have been directed towards painting commissions. For me the challenge of trying to create a specific request is challenging and enjoyable, I make sure the patron understands that they are under no obligation to purchase the painting unless they really like it. Thus, I do not feel pressure to meet their requests as I can always create a different picture for their review. The greatest reward comes when I am sure they truly like the work I have made for them. Please see an example of a successful outcome below. Commissioned work is not shown in my gallery section, and I do not make cards or giclees from these paintings.

The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel continues to be my main base of operations for showing completed paintings, giving lessons and painting the beauty of Hawaii. Direct sales are rewarding as the relationship is one to one, and I have a sense of where the painting will be exhibited. Also, many of the people who have purchased works return to the hotel giving me the chance to show them new paintings or works in progress. New friends have been made from Japan to Spain because of the international nature of our island. Every time I go to the hotel, I am reminded how lucky I am to have been chosen to paint at this location.

When the guests come to the hotel they often ask for a business card and whether they can see more of my paintings on a website. My cards have all the appropriate addresses and phone numbers, but most of the time, that is the last I hear about the card. It seems that some individuals ask for a card just to be polite and as a way to escape from further conversation. A few people have written to me from the card information, but my website does not lead to direct sales on most occasions. I mention this as it appears that cyber criminals are the most interested in artists websites. Many artists websites are easy to violate for plagiarism or other purposes. Fortunately, my programmer and I spent many weeks last January reconstructing my website to prevent this from happening. He is ever vigiliant as the scammers increase their code cracking skills. It all takes time, and the costs of maintaining a safe location continue to increase. Since I do not use the website as a primary selling tool, there may come a day when I will have this promotional part of my art life. It is a sad commentary that these people have made stealing in this manner their way of life, even in the art world. The cyber world continues to become more intrusive in all aspects of our daily life, and I hope that we can continue to deal with the challenges successfully.



Commissioned Work 30x22 April 2016


December 2016

The past few months have been hectic, and if you have returned to my gallery pages, you will note that very little has been added (and happily also, some pictures are no longer available). 

The past several months included two trips to the mainland for a painting workshop and visits with our daughter and her family.

 Meanwhile, I have been busy and fortunate to paint several commissions as well as having one of my paintings used for the 2016 Greeting from the new Kohanaiki Resort just south of our Kona Airport. 

The above group of numbered paintings of the Douro River were painted in spare time for my own amusement as we had a wonderful AMA Cruise on that northern Portugal river in September, 2015.  I hope you enjoy them as I wanted to show you another side of my watercolor journey.


Douro River Scene 1                                                              Douro River Scene 2


  Douro River Scene 3                                                        Douro River Scene 4

 Douro River Scene 5 

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